The range of scientific activity and service

Materials Fire Properties Testing Laboratory conducts scientific research and offers services in the field of ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ENGINEERING AND FIRE SAFETY ENGINEERING OF MARINE AND LAND OBJECTS AND TRANSPORT SYSTEMS AND ALSO ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Basic tasks of fire safety engineering include prediction of possible threats and limiting them at the planning stage of object operating, selection of appropriate safety system, technical devices, their technical and operating parameters and the rules of operator procedures which ensure safety for people, objects and nature.

Scientific research activity covers:

  • research of material characteristics determining fire hazard connected with using these materials in marine and land objects – materials fire properties,
  • scientific research on active and passive fire protection of marine objects included in the programme of International Maritime Organization in London,
  • developing new methods for research on fire characteristics of materials and modification of existing ones and developing evaluation criteria of these materials with regard to fire hazard for marine and land objects,
  • model and simulation testing of control systems of fire progress dynamics and fire product propagation dynamics,
  • integrated fire protection systems of technical objects,
  • expertises and opinions on establishing reasons and circumstances of fire accidents,
  • scientific and design research on active and passive fire protection of marine and land objects,
  • effectiveness estimation of protective measures used of marine and land objects,
  • maintenance and calibration of instrumentation for research on fire characteristics of materials.


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