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The MOSTAR programme is a student mobility system and an opportunity for those who want to pursue their scientific interests outside their home university.

The programme is open to students of the following faculties: Biotechnology and Animal Husbandry, Economics, Food Sciences and Fisheries, Environmental Management and Agriculture.

In the MOSTAR programme, students have the opportunity to pursue one-year or one-term studies as well as study selected subjects based on the existing programmes at a university of their choice.

MOSTAR studies may be taken up by a student not earlier than:

  • upon completion of the first year of studies - in the first cycle studies;
  • upon completion of the first term - in the second cycle studies.


A necessary condition for admission of a student to another university is the completion of the year or term preceding the period of study outside the home institution. The term is credited based on the ECTS system.

During the course of studies in the MOSTAR programme, the assigned scholarships are paid by the home university.

The host university shall provide a place in a dormitory. The home university covers the cost of accommodation of its students in the host university's dormitories for one semester.

The following are published on the website of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) the exchange procedure in the MOSTAR system, credit rules, forms to be downloaded and a list of universities where students can study.

Students interested in taking up a course of study should submit an application to the Education Department together with the Dean's opinion by:

  • 19.06.2019 winter term 2019/2020
  • 29.11.2019 summer term 2019/2020