Ordinance No. 33 of the Rector of WPUT of 12 March 2020 on taking action at the University to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus 13.03.2020 12:14

Based on Article 23 of the Act of 20 July 2018 Law on Higher Education and Science (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland of 2020, item 85) in connection with the Act of March 2, 2020 on special solutions related to prevention and counteracting and combating COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland item 374), the following is ordered:

                                                                                    § 1.  

1.     All forms of teaching activities that require direct contact are suspended.

2.     Duty hours for students in the direct form are cancelled. Duty hours will be conducted in the form of a telephone conversation or electronically.

3.     The possibility for students and PhD students to use the teaching infrastructure and organizational units of the Main Library is suspended.

4.     It is forbidden to meet students and PhD students as well as persons from outside the University, to which the Rector has not consented at the Student Housing Estate and in Assistant Hotels.

5.     The students and PhD students are obliged to immediately inform the International Mobility Department through the Faculty Dean's Offices of the imposed quarantine or hospitalization order.

                                                                                    § 2.  

1.     All conferences, training courses and events organised at the University as well as educational activities carried out within the framework of projects from external sources (including DUTEK - Children's University of Technology, High School in the World of Science, the Third Age of Technology and others) are cancelled.

2.     The participation of employees, PhD students and students in conferences, seminars, national training courses etc. is suspended.

3.     The arrivals and departures of employees, PhD students and students from/to risk countries/regions which are on the list in the current announcements of the Chief Sanitary Inspector are suspended.

4.     It is recommended that the arrival of persons from countries/regions that are not listed in the current announcements from the Chief Sanitary Inspector is suspended.

5.     The accommodation of new persons in student dormitories and Assistant Hotels is suspended, as well as a ban on visiting residents is introduced.

6.     It is recommended that persons accommodated in student dormitories, whose place of permanent residence is in Poland, leave them and go to their place of residence for the duration of the suspension of teaching activities.

                                                                                    § 3.  

The principle of a maximum limitation of direct business contacts between employees is introduced. It is recommended that, in business matters, electronic correspondence and telephone contacts should be made.

                                                                                    § 4.  

1.     The employee shall immediately inform the Director/Head of the unit by e-mail or telephone of any quarantine or hospitalisation order imposed.

2.     The director/manager of an organisational unit shall immediately transmit the information referred to in Section 1 to the Rector through the Rector's Office.

3.     The director/manager of an organisational unit, with the consent of the Rector, may instruct the employee to:

1.     perform work for a fixed period outside the place of permanent work;

2.     go to a general practitioner, and in case of refusal refer the employee to an occupational doctor for check-ups.

4.     The order referred to in Section 3 may be issued in case of:

1.     the return of the employee from a foreign departure from the areas where the coronavirus occurs;

2.     deterioration in the employee's state of health, characteristic of the symptoms of coronavirus infection;

3.     and in other cases specified in the announcements of the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

5.     The director/manager of the organisational unit is obliged to keep up to date in order to:

1.     monitor current announcements of the Chief Sanitary Inspector;

2.     maintain contact with the employee performing work at home and supervise the effects of this work;

3.     inform the Rector about the situation in the supervised unit.

                                                                                    § 5.  

The rules specified in § 1-4 are valid from 12 March 2020 until further notice.

                                                                                    § 6.  

The ordinance comes into force on the day of signing.

Jacek Wróbel, PhD, Prof. WPUT