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Courses of studies

Architecture and Urban Planning; Design Studies, Civil Engineering; Environmental Engineering


Doctoral studies in scientific fields

Architecture and Urban Planning as well as construction


Postgraduate studies

Architecture and Interior Design; Road Traffic Engineering; Property Management; Land Reclamation (Water drainage); Construction and Infrastructure Investment Control; Occupational Safety and Health.

Main research directions

1.    Theoretical studies on architectural design and urban planning,

2.     Urban management methodology and spatial planning. Conservation and restoration of monuments and historical cities,

3.    Aesthetic, ecological and anthropological aspects of architecture,

4.    Analyses of transformation processes in degraded post-industrial areas,

5.    Current problems of residential architecture

6.    Work on security, durability and reliability of reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, and timber  buildings,

7.    Research on materials and technologies for road  and bridge construction,

8.    Modern material solutions in construction industry, recycling and energy efficiency taken into account

9.    Renewable energy acquisition,

10.  Creating modern transport systems with "green areas" designated in urban centres because of  acoustic volume of traffic routes,

11. Multi aspect research into  environment protection,  research into  the spread of pollutants in water and soils included,

12. Research into integrated and sustainable use of water resources, particularly marine water,

13. Investment organization in terms of project management, project costs included.


Cooperation with industry and business

Units of the Faculty of Construction and Architecture carry out work as well as laboratory and field expert opinions for regional companies, in the fields of:

  • Research into ferro-concrete, steel, concrete, timber and masonry structures,
  • Testing construction materials
  • Physics of buildings
  • Testing substrates and pavement
  • Soil and foundation mechanics
  • Engineering geology and hydrogeology
  • Hydrology and hydraulics
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Heating, ventilation and heating industry,
  • Water and wastewater analyses,
  • Activity and mechanical properties of photoactive construction materials,
  • Water, wastewater and sewage sludge physicochemical tests; determination of anion and nonionic surfactants with reference standard methods; pilot tests of water treatment and wastewater treatment processes,
  • The use of slag from municipal sewage treatment plants incineration as a source of phosphorus to produce fertilizers,
  • The possibility of municipal waste and mixtures of sewage sludge composting in bioreactors.


Offer to foreigners

International student exchange programmes