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Courses of studies

Economics; Management; Tourism and Recreation


Postgraduate studies

Internal audit; Property management, Accounting; Accounting of public sector entities; Occupational Safety and Health.


Main research directions

The Faculty of Economics conducts research, among other things, on the application of modern technologies in market research, financial and statistical analyses, studies on rural areas and natural protected areas, analyses of the local and regional development, as well as cross-border cooperation.


Cooperation with industry and business:

The staff of the Economic Faculty  liaised with a number of external parties in terms of research, analysis and expert opinion. Our partners include, among other companies:

Centrum Zdrowia i Relaksu “Verano” Sp. z o.o., (Health and Recreation Centre "Verano" sp. z o.o.), Fundacja “Kołobrzeg Polskie Centrum SPA” ("Kołobrzeg Polish Centre SPA" foundation), the Council of Goleniów, the Council of Marianowo, the Council of Stara Dąbrowa, the Council and District of Stargard Szczeciński, Gremius Podemski Sp. j., Zdrojowy Pro-Vita Hotel, Pigpol sp. z o.o. Enterprise, the Council of Chociwel, Regionalne Stowarzyszenie Turystyczno-Uzdrowiskowe Kołobrzeg (Regional Association of Tourist and Health Resorts), Uzdrowisko Kołobrzeg S.A.


Offer to foreigners

Students exchange within international programmes (http://wekon.zut.edu.pl/incoming-students.html); internships related to economic analyses, marketing, sales management of production and enterprise services, in particular those related to tourism and recreation.