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Promotion on European scale 21.06.2018 12:16

We are very pleased to announce that Promotion Office of West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin has obtained funding for implementation of the project under the name European Researchers' Night 2018/2019.

European Researchers' Night is a project implemented from European funds under the HORIZON 2020 framework program. It is an annual event, organized continuously since 2006 in the European Union member states, aimed to promote science, research centers and above all the researcher careers.

Currently, as one of three entities in Poland, the West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin ( ZUT ) has received the green light to implement the Researchers' Night for two years in a row. Together with ZUT, only Poznan University of Technology and the Marshal's Office of the Małoposka Region received positive marks.

We Create Science & History – it is a slogan for the Researchers' Night in Szczecin project. The event is always held on the last Fridays of September. We decided to go a step further and planned attractions on both Friday and Saturday (28-29 September 2018 and 27-28/09/2019, respectively). This is a huge success because this year the European Commission received a record number of applications - about two hundred, from Europe only fifty-five received funding and only three are from Poland.

Researchers’ night will be held for the sixth time in Szczecin. First edition in 2008 was coordinated by Szczecin University of Technology, then in 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2015 West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin.

The characteristic feature of the Researchers' Night is an extensive program. Workshops, shows, illuminations, experiments, and sometimes illusions, a total of over 100 attractions and a large pool of prizes for the most active - all in a specially arranged space. Attractions will be located in buildings and in the courtyards at Piastów Avenue and Żołnierska Street. We invited to cooperate with us also other centers including Academy of Art in Szczecin, University of Szczecin and the Pomeranian Medical University. Exhibitions and lectures will also take place at the Museum of Technology and Transport and the Center of Dialogue Przełomy. The program also includes a concert at the XIII Muz club under the name PRO MEMORIA, Great Explorers and a spectacular visual display - located in the Interfaculty Units Building. Detailed program will be published in late August/early September at: