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Szczecin Automotive HUB arises. Szczecin brightONE in the automotive top league. 27.04.2018 12:49

brightONE, the leader of the IT industry based in Szczecin, establishes close cooperation with leading provider of solutions for car manufacturers - the P3 group.

Together with Szczecin's universities, will build a competence centre for Szczecin Automotive Hub. Students and academic staff of West Pomeranian University of Technology, with the support of the City of Szczecin, will be able to transfer knowledge and technology, which drivers will see in their cars only after few years. As a part of this  initiative the company declares employment of several hundred well-educated experts.

In Szczecin, business to provide software solutions for the automotive industry has been developing for many years. Today, we managed to make another milestone in placing Szczecin closer to the leading centres supplying car technologies of tomorrow.

Signing a joint venture agreement between P3 Systems GmbH and infinIT GmbH (owner of the brightONE company from Szczecin)

The owner of Szczecin brightONE, German company infinIT GmbH, signed yesterday a joint venture agreement with P3 Systems GmbH, which belongs to the P3 group. Among the people taking part in the process was the brightONE Management Board which presented the details of the venture.

The partnership between the P3 and InfinIT groups changes the existing framework of the automotive IT solutions market, placing brightONE in an elite group of direct service providers for the largest car brands.

"An exciting venture ahead of us. What a few years ago was reserved for a few, a dozen or so entities, today becomes our company's part. We gain the opportunity to cooperate directly with virtually every important car brand, we reach the automotive top league. This program requires a large mobilization not only of our company but also its immediate environment "- emphasizes Jakub Borowczyk, Managing Director of the brightONE company.

The business challenge of this scale requires a large human resources with practical and, what is more important, current knowledge. Therefore, an agreement was established between Szczecin business, the city and university authorities, which assumes intensification of cooperation and knowledge transfer between research centres and laboratories of both companies.

Establishing cooperation and signing a letter of intent between the City of Szczecin, two Faculties of West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Information Technology and the two above mentioned companies in the automotive IT industry (Poland and Germany).

Business and university collaboration will engage in knowledge and skills exchange.
It is an international initiative aimed at making the academic offer and the labour market more attractive through joint exchange programs with the participation of students and staff of Szczecin's universities and business in Poland and Germany.

"The necessity of cooperation between our environment and business is obvious. Today it is taking on a more practical dimension and it is especially pleasing. The presence of our students in Stuttgart or Ingolstadt, on internships in the immediate vicinity of the factories of the largest brands, of course, makes this program particularly attractive "- said Krzysztof Okarma, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Internship programs are the first, but not the only part of building the competence centre - Szczecin Automotive Hub.

It is also worth mentioning that apart from internship programs, we are preparing the most modern forms of teaching, practiced in the largest European centres, dual studies - adds Jerzy Pejaś, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science.

The parties to the agreement emphasize the necessity of change teaching methods already at secondary level education. All members of the agreement are interested in creating in Szczecin an attractive place to learn and acquire practical competences that will help build the foundations for Szczecin Automotive HUB. This was confirmed by the Mayor of Szczecin:

"Szczecin is a city of modern specializations. We want today's students to find a fascinating job in our city. Therefore, without any hesitation, we were involved in this project also financially, supporting the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills in Szczecin and German laboratories. Of course, we hope that acquired knowledge will be used to build a strong team of local experts in this industry "- summed up Piotr Krzystek, Mayor of Szczecin.

Szczecin is already one of the key centres providing the latest solutions for modern cars. Thanks to the BrightONE, West Pomeranian University of Technology, the City of Szczecin and the German group P3 initiative, the industry is gaining strength by creating a space for collaboration. This was appreciated by the Managing Director of P3 Systems:

"Cooperation with our Szczecin partners is not accidental. It is not only 10 years of experience in building software, it is also a strong European region with its capital, in which we met an environment that wants to cooperate with each other. This is an excellent base to build a business that will bring at least 100 work places over the next two years and support today's experienced staff of our companies "- said Sebastian Keller, Managing Director of P3 Systems GmbH.

The conference presenting the new venture took place in the POSEJDON complex, where brightONE will have its headquarters, including the team creating the described project.

The P3 Group is a service and consulting company that specializes in engineering and project management for the automotive, aerospace, telecommunication and public sector. It is a leader among providers of specialized services in the areas of automotive information and entertainment systems, connected car, e-mobility, driver assistance systems and autonomous driving, for all leading car manufacturers. Directly supports the production of brands such as Audi, BMW, Renault, Ford, Volkswagen, Daimler or Toyota, among others. The group founded in 1996, employs nearly 4,000 employees in 15 countries around the world, 75% of whom are engineers. It generates revenues of EUR 360 million.

brightONE is an expert in the field of Automotive IT technology. Specializes in providing software solutions for the broadly understood automotive industry - from car and aircraft manufacturers to advanced sports equipment. Used by drivers of the most popular car brands in the world, pilots of rescue helicopters or footballers and trainers of the best clubs from the Champions League. Nearly 4 million cars around the world are moving, using software created by the brightONE engineers. The team of 250 people works in two competence centers located in Wrocław and Szczecin (company headquarters).
The company conducts cooperation and exchange of knowledge with academic staff. It has a permanent offer of internships for students and high school students. Almost every week in the company's laboratories, future engineers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the technology and methodology of working on innovative solutions.

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