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The National Scientific Competition E(x)plora 2018 dedicated to young scientists finals, organized by the Foundation of Advanced Technologies. 27.11.2018 13:31

Ms Kamila Splinter coverage, finalist of the competition, a student of Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering WPUT in Chemical Technology (S1), project titled "Recrystallization - increasing the potential of using iron (II) sulphate (VI)", supervisor: Professor Barbara Grzmil from the Institute of Chemical and Environment Engineering.

On October 24-26 Gdynia Exploring Week took place - probably the biggest event linking the 7th Explory congress, the science fair and the final of the national competition for young scientists. In the final participated 35 teams of young scientists - mainly high school students For me, just finding myself in this group was an amazing distinction. Especially when I saw project presented - they were often interdisciplinary projects combining, for example, biology and programming or art and medicine.

The first day of GEW was the day of integration workshops, but also invited guests lectures. I was to lecture on the mechanism of action of antibiotics by Igor Kaczmarek - one of the winners of previous editions of the competition. I also took part in the discussion "Does every student needs a mentor" - the main topic was mentoring and qualities of good mentor.

The second day was competition - we presented our projects to the jury and competition partners. Each of the jurors had a specific group of projects to evaluate, but we often talked with a larger number of evaluators. In addition to the presentation of the project with many jurors, I talked longer and gained very positive feedback and a few comments that will improve the work.

On the third day, there was an open session - we talked about our projects to primary school pupils and competition partners. In addition, we finally had time to talk to other participants for a moment and share our experience. Moreover, during the session with the jurors we showed a lot of support - probably everyone was stressed and knew how important a good word is. In the afternoon there was a final gala. In suspense we were waiting for results - who impressed the jurors? It turned out that the favourite projects of visitors did not receive any awards and the jury appreciated the authors who demonstrated their knowledge in their field. This way, I received an accreditation for MILSET Expo-Sciences International in Abu Dhabi in September next year.