Scope of activity

Organisation of the university functioning in matters related to research and development activities, scientific cooperation with other countries and development of scientific staff, in particular:

  1. Opinions on applications to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for financing of statutory activities (UPB, BMN, SPUB);
  2. Opinions on applications for equipment and building investments;
  3. Assistance in preparation of contracts and reports concerning the activities mentioned in points 1 and 2;
  4. Conducting of promotional and informational activities concerning the rules of awarding grants from the budget of the Marshal's Office of the West Pomerania Province for public universities, in particular for projects and activities supporting the development of science in the West Pomerania Province;
  5. Preparation of university plans and reports concerning the research and development activity;
  6. Administrative support for the University Evaluation Committee and issues related to periodic evaluation of academic staff;
  7. Administrative support for the University Appeal Committee;
  8. Development of the scientific staff;
  9. Sabbatical leaves;
  10. International traineeships of employees for research, teaching and training purposes;
  11. Scientific cooperation with other countries (international agreements);
  12. Awards of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the resort and the Rector for scientific and teaching activity;
  13. Doctoral and habilitation promotion, honoris causa honorary degree;
  14. Administrative support for the meetings of: the Senate Committee for Science and the Rector's Committee for Awards and Distinctions - as regards the substantive work of the department.