University Strategy

The Development Strategy of West Pomeranian University of Technology for the Years 2021-2025



West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin is to be a recognisable academic institution in Poland and an important partner for foreign universities.

West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin is to be an incubator of ideas that set the goal and direction of acting for the society and with the society.


West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, striving to become the leading university in north-western Poland, in the spirit of its academic traditions, shall:

  • using the latest scientific and didactic achievements and the University's infrastructure, educate the future workforce in accordance with the needs of the economy;
  • in cooperation with stakeholders, communicate the ideas developed at the University to the public and cooperate with the academic community and the socio-economic environment;
  • through the development of effective pro-quality mechanisms at the University, support research and teaching staff in carrying out of scientific research at the highest level and support the development of their competencies;
  • by following the best practice in removal of barriers, implement reasonable changes in accessibility into every possible form of its ctivity;
  • through the right conditions and atmosphere, create an environment that is friendly to everyone, so that the University becomes an entity valued on the labour market.
Key values

The key values that form the foundation of the University's functioning include:

  • autonomy of the University and academic freedom;
  • scientific and research activity leading to critical thinking and continuous development;
  • opennes to new ideas;
  • opennes to the needs of the region;
  • cooperation between people, institutions and countries;
  • individual development of employees, undergraduate and doctoral students;
  • social responsibility;
  • excellence in science and education;
  • respect for ethical values.

Strategic areas

1. Quality of education
  • Maintaining high quality of the teaching process and striving for excellence.
  • Increasing the internationalisation of the educational process.
  • Implementation of innovative programmes of study created in cooperation with the economic environment.
2. Scientific research
  • Development of the research potential.
  • Assistance in the acquisition and carrying out of research projects.
  • Preparation of a strategy for the scientific development of the University.
3. HR management
  • Development of a training system for each group of employees.
  • Strenghtening of the employees' identification with the University.
  • Implementation of the HR management strategy.
4. Organization management
  •  Implementation of the University's Integrated Financial Management IT System.
  • Ensuring of an efficient internal communication system.
  • Removal of barriers for people with special needs.
  • Adjustment of the University to effective international cooperation.
5. Relationship with the surrounding
  •  Identification and effective use of non-budgetary funds, including funds from EU programmes.
  •  Building relationships with the socio-economic environment in the region of north-western Poland and the Pomerania Euroregion.
  • Identification of the needs of enterprises within the scope of cooperation witht the University.
  • Brandbuilding of the University.






chairman - Professor Krzysztof Pietrusewicz, PhD, DSc   (Vice Rector for Organization and Development)


  • Professor Marcin Chodźko, PhD, DSc (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics)
  • Professor Joanna Hernik, PhD (Faculty of Economics)
  • Professor Inga Kowalewska-Łuczak, PhD (Faculty of Biotechnology and Animal Husbandry)
  • Piotr Piela, PhD (Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology)
  • Aneta Serafin, M.A. (Rector's Office) - secretary of the Committee