Scope of activity

  1.  organisation of all the university activities in matters concerning inventions, intellectual and industrial property protection, trademarks, etc., which belong to the fields covered by copyright and invention law,
  2.  providing advice, giving opinions or drafting agreements concerning the matters listed in point 1,
  3. cooperation in preparing of the documentation necessary to file inventions, utility models, ornamental designs and trademarks with the Patent Office; conducting proceedings before the Patent Office and appeal proceedings before competent authorities,
  4. participation in the evaluation of invention projects, implementation works as well as determination of the creators' remuneration and the economic effects of using the inventions,
  5. supervision over the performance of obligations towards the university under agreements concluded in connection with invention projects; supervision over the payment of remuneration to creators for the use of invention projects and solutions covered by copyright at the university and in other business entities,
  6. recording documentation and preparing reports on the matters listed in point 1,
  7.  developing curriculum drafts for teaching of the protection of industrial and intellectual property,
  8. handling of matters related to the protection of intellectual property within the scope specified in specific legislation as well as other matters entrusted by the university authorities