Current Food Technology and Human Nutrition Projects

ProjectProject valueFinancingPeriodProject Manager
Gain - Green Aquaculture Intensification in EuropeEUR 203 500.00 Horizon 202001.05.18 - 31.10.2021Remigiusz Panicz, PhD, DSc
Seafoodtomorrow - nutritious, safe and sustainable seafood for consumers of tomorrowEUR 109 925.00Horizon 202001.11.17 - 30.04.2021Małgorzata Sobczak, PhD, DSc
Seafoodtomorrow – premium for H2020PLN 92 420.00 premium for H202001.11.17 - 30.04.2021Małgorzata Sobczak, PhD, DSc
Gain – premium for H2020PLN 176 556.00premium for H202001.05.18 - 31.10.2021Remigiusz Panicz, PhD, DSc
Humidwrap – humidity and water regulating active packagingEUR 239 637.50Cornet – 2301.04.2018 -
prof. Artur Bartkowiak
Development of innovative bioactive fermented vegan food products from selected oilcakes available on the Polish market - ProBioVegePLN 1 328 757.50LIDER XI NCBR04.01.2021 - 31.12.2023Łukasz Łopusiewicz, PhD
Development of an environmentally friendly, active, multifunctional packaging designed to extend the shelf life of fresh food, based on a thermoformable fibrous material PLN 839 636.10Cornet 01.05.2015 -
Łukasz Łopusiewicz, PhD
Bridging the gap in access to education - adjustments made without complaints PLN 4 445 267.82Power01.01.2020 -
Dominika Plust, PhD
Development of a technology for new and innovative carp products to ensure year-round sales of this raw material from aquaculture farmsPLN 2 837 679.53ARIMR2020-06-01 - 2023-05-31Grzegorz Tokarczyk, PhD