Food Technology and Human Nutrition Discipline Strategy


Food Technology and Human Nutrition discipline development strategy for the years 2020-2025


I.     Food Technology and Human Nutrition discipline development

The development of the Food Technology and Human Nutrition discipline at the Faculty of Food Sciences and Fisheries of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin will be based on the development of scientific research making a significant contribution to the development of science, economy and society.

The priorities of the development strategy of the Food technology and Human Nutrition discipline include three main areas:

- scientific research as well as research and development work,

- acquiring of external funds (domestic and foreign) for conducting of the research,

- linking the aims and results of scientific research with the needs of the society and economy.

This strategy is a signpost for the development of research and teaching staff as well as PhD students of our discipline.

II. Vision of the Food Technology and Human Nutrition discipline in 2024

The research carried out within the discipline is on a high substantive level and is present in the international scientific circulation. The scientists actively cooperate with the entities of social and economic environment as well as with scientific units in Poland and in the world. The management of the faculty and the discipline council take care of the development of the discipline, among other things, through professional strategic management, conducting of an active and constructive dialogue with the staff as well as promoting and representing the discipline externally, including initiating cooperation with socio-economic entities in Poland and abroad. Academic teachers and faculty employees implement the development strategy adopted by the discipline council, feel co-responsible for its development and evaluation, conduct high quality research activities, while their activity in this area is of key importance in the remuneration and promotion process.


III.   Basic objectives

1.    Short-term objectives:

Intensification of efforts to achieve at least a B/B+ scientific category in the 2017-2021 evaluation

2.    Long-term objectives:

Taking steps to achieve a B+/A scientific category in the 2022-2025 evaluation.

3.   Permanent objectives:

a) increasing the number of scientific publications in journals and publishing houses from the lists of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education with a minimum score of 100 points;

b) conducting activities promoting scientific activity of the units operating and conducting research in the area of the discipline of Food Technology and Human Nutrition;

c) improving the professional competences of employees and development of scientific staff;

d) obtaining external funding for research conducted in units representing the discipline;

e) supporting employees in social and cultural initiatives in Szczecin, the region and the country, in particular promoting knowledge about Food Technology and Human Nutrition;

f) increasing the environmental and economic impact of scientific activity;

g) cooperation with external Polish and foreign entities in the field of scientific research and knowledge dissemination at international, national and regional levels;

h) work with entrepreneurs to begin commercialization of research results.


A plan of action to achieve the strategic objectives for the development of the Food Technology and Human Nutrition discipline in the years 2020-2024

Strategic objectives

Operational objectives


Improvement of the quality of scientific research

Supporting of the scientific development of its own staff


Intensifying the efforts to obtain a higher scientific category.

Increasing the number and quality of scientific publications in journals and publications from the lists of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Supporting the publication of scientific research results.

Creating of a separate fund to cover the costs of the publication preparation cycle

Organization of trainings on publication opportunities and international development.

Introducing an incentive system to reward cooperation and foreign trips.

Promoting of an incentive system that rewards scientific development.

Constant monitoring of scientific activity and publication achievements of employees.

Assistance in developing of individual academic and publication plans for subsequent evaluation periods.

Continuous supplementation of the scientific staff with young employees who have achievements and research skills in Food Technology.

Support in the recruitment of PhD students of the Doctoral School. Support in funding for doctoral dissertations.

Development of the principles of common access of the employees of the Faculty of Food Sciences and Fisheries to the scientific equipment available at the Faculty.

Maintanance of current equipment and purchase of new equipment - supplementation of research capabilities across the whole discipline team

Organization of periodic team presentations.

Replenishment of the technical staff to support R&D infrastructure resources.

Decreased involvement of academic staff in organizational activities.

Development of a common scientific topic integrating the discipline staff within the scope of science and grants.

Promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation.

Establishment of national and international research teams

Financial support for publications with high scoring and such carried out in collaboration with other units outside the department and outside the university.

Development of cooperation with Polish and foreign universities.

Organization and co-organization of national and international conferences.

Financial support for authors of international projects.

Applying to foreign institutions for research projects.

Administrative support for the project team/project manager; reduction of administrative duties for the benefit of the faculty (reduced hours or no overtime).

Increasing the revenue from scientific activity

Activation of applications for scientific grants

Inclusion of project activity in the periodic evaluation system.

Introduction of an incentive system for grantees.

Financial support for the preparation of EU international applications.

Organization of trainings on grant opportunities.

Activation of cooperation with the external environment including "tailor-made" research.

Increasing the impact of scientific activity on the functioning of the society and economy

Linking the directions of scientific research to the needs of the society the economy

Conducting classes on the scientific research in progress for 1st and 2nd cycle students of the filds of study related to the discipline of Food Technology and Human Nutrition.

Active inclusion of students of the 1st and 2nd cycle into the work of research and project teams.

Intensification of commercialisation of the research results.

Increasing of the influence of scientific activity on the civilisation development of the society.

Practical trainigs on the possibilities of linking the scientific activity in the discipline to the needs of the society and economy.

Scientific achievements presented on a regular basis in electronic information channels.

The main strategic objective of the development of the discipline of Food Technology and Human Nutrition is expressed in the definite improvement and systematic strengthening of its position on the national and international arena through the conduct of high-quality research and its internationalization as well as the successive dissemination of impacts on the social environment.

Detailed strategic objectives:

1. Improvement of the quality of research and management in their planning and execution.

2.  Internationalization of research as well as research and teaching staff.

3.  Increaseing revenue from scientific activities.

4.  Improving the dissemination of research results and ongoing research activity.

5.  Commercialization of research results.

6. Improvement of the information flow and promotion of the discipline.