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Another birth (x3) at ZUT 14.06.2023 11:20

More babies have been born at ZUT. They are two rams at the Animal House and a second foal at the Academic Equestrian Centre.

The two rams (male sheep) were born on 3 of June; babies of Basia and Krzyś, Duży Łebek or Dryblasek - here the paternity has not been fully established ;)

This is the first birth in the sheep flock at the Animal House of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Animal Husbandry of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Niemierzyńska Street. The parents came to us in June 2021 from the Kołbacz Experimental Station. As a result of the birth, a competition for the names of the new residents of the Animal House will soon be announced on Facebook.

This is not the only birth at ZUT in June.

On Saturday 10.06, at 4 a.m., a black foal was born at the Academic Equestrian Centre in Szczecin. His parents are our mare Amazonka and the stallion More Than Special MG of the KWPN breed from the Verso La Natura Stallion Station. Dad is a modern sport horse with exceptional character, he is very gentle and trouble-free to handle.

The colt was born black, this colour can however change.

Mum and her son are doing very well, and it is likely that today or tomorrow the foal will have the opportunity to meet his not much older colleague - born on 18 May at AOJ, foal Kansas Wine.


Photos: Aurelia Kołodziej