MS Teams

Due to the necessity to "switch" the University into the remote mode, you are kindly informed about availability of MS Teams application, which will greatly facilitate communication between members of our community.
It is a part of the Office365 package so if you have installed this package, you have it on your computer. The application is available on smartphones and you can also use it online by logging into the service. Finally, it is available as a standalone downloadable application at the address:  Downloading of classic and mobile application | Microsoft Teams

Its most important features are the following:

  • it has all the capabilities of the well-known Skype application
  • it enables the organisation of on-line meetings where participants can see and hear each other
  • it allows the creation of teams where members share files and can send messages to each other
  • it supports the organisation of classes (virtual whiteboard, shared notes, etc.)

A great advantage is that it is integrated with other Office365 services. So, you don't have to create a new account, because it already exists. Your ID and password are exactly the same as for the new e-mail service (i.e. the ID is, where login is the same as in E-Employee or E-Deans' Office). Moreover, we do not need to know the "addresses" of WPUT employees and students, because it is enough to enter the name in the search engine in the software and the person you are looking for will appear in the drop-down list (The search engine is located at the top of MS Teams window).


Short instructions for using MS Teams: