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“Science against the pandemic”. Rector of ZUT supported recognized experts from scientific community position 14.01.2021 12:59

The West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin supports the initiative "Science against the pandemic" – campaign bringing together recognized experts from the scientific community who joined to promote reliable information about COVID-19 vaccines.

The activities carried out under the project are to contribute to the change of public opinion and support the achievement of an appropriate level of immunization coverage by:

- promoting verified, substantive knowledge about vaccination against COVID-19;

- educating on the use of innovative technologies in vaccination against COVID-19;

- providing reliable information on the issue to the medical community, media and the general public;

The "White Paper" is available on the website, which contains useful content for the medical community, the media and the general public.

"The White Paper is a source of knowledge for people who are looking for facts supported by medical knowledge about vaccination against COVID-19 and the types of vaccines used. The publication is the first such comprehensive document prepared by representatives of science and practical medicine for the benefit of education and dissemination of reliable information about Covid-19 vaccines. "- we read on the project website.