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Student of ZUT awarded in the Siemens program "Inżynierki 4.0" 10.11.2020 14:17

Ksenia Mariak, a first-year student (second-cycle degree studies) in the major of automation and robotics, was among the five winners of the third edition of the Siemens program "Inżynierki 4.0"

This year, 32 students qualified for the program. Participants were invited to take part in the competition for the best film entitled "What challenge of the modern world do I want to solve as an engineer?"

Ksenia Mariak studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of ZUT. She will receive an award in the form of mentoring with a certified mentor from Siemens for a video about a device that monitors the conditions inside the hive by measuring the temperature, pressure level and sound frequency emitted by bees.

These data are sent and archived in the cloud allowing the beekeeper continuous access to them via wi-fi - explains Ksenia Mariak.

"Inżynierki 4.0 is a program focused on improving qualifications of young women and facilitating their professional start in the area of ​​Industry 4.0. One of its main goals is to make young women interested in technologies aware of the multitude of career paths available to them.

The program was carried out under the patronage of the Ministry of Development, the Platforma Przemysłu Przyszłości Foundation and the Perspektywy Educational Foundation. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland and KUKA were also involved in conducting the workshops.