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We signed an agreement with the National Labour Inspectorate 02.11.2022 11:34

The agreement with the National Labour Inspectorate - District Labour Inspectorate in Szczecin was signed on Tuesday, October 25 by the West Pomeranian University of Technology and the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The agreement provides for cooperation based on the transfer of knowledge, experience, and innovative solutions - all to raise the level of knowledge and its practical use for public good.

The document was signed by the Rector of the West Pomeranian University of Technology, prof. Jacek Wróbel, Dean of Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering prof. Anna Głowacka and Konrad Pachciarek from the District Labour Inspectorate in Szczecin.

From the university point of view the agreement is important in terms of educating students. Each new agreement results in an increase in the educational offer, gives our youth new opportunities - says Professor Jacek Wróbel

Both parties declared joint activities regarding research, scientific conferences, expert panels, conducting courses, training, workshops.

The University wants to promote and popularize issues related to human rights in the workplace through organizing competitions and educational events.

The District Labour Inspector in Szczecin expressed his willingness to engage in educational activities concerning the transfer of knowledge on legal labour protection.

We really care about this cooperation. We would like the graduates of this faculty to join our ranks in the future. Young people who will be substantively prepared will surely bring a new quality to our work. I hope that we will exchange experiences and knowledge and that both sides will benefit from it - explains the District Labour Inspector, Konrad Pachciarek.