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Well balanced project of WPUT students awarded 04.08.2020 09:15

WPUT architecture students Kinga Gawlik and Piotr Rajewski received the BB Student Award for the best student work in the Bee Breeders Architecture Competition Organisers for the design of the flamingo observation platform in the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve in the United Arab Emirates.

Project was carried out under the supervision of Professor Krzysztof Bizio as part of the "Specialized Design" course, conducted at the Department of Contemporary Architecture, Design Theory and Methodology during the second semester of MA studies.

Competition participants were tasked with submitting concepts for a new visitor center, designed in balance with Al Wathba’s unique natural environment, located 40 kilometres southeast of Abu Dhabi. The visitor center is to be programmed with facilities including an information center, cafe, terrace, souvenir shop, display area for specimens, training center, toilets, and a car park.

The jury sought designs with sustainability and constructability in mind. Above all, the designs were judged positively if they showed respect for the reserve’s fragile ecosystem. In the competition for professional architects, the first place went to a team from the Czech Republic, second from the United States, and third from Mexico.

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