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West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin and Energo-Complex are about to cooperate 18.02.2020 11:25

The cooperation agreement (consortium agreement) was signed on Tuesday in Szczecin by West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin and the largest Polish company dealing with diagnostics and comprehensive technical condition assessment of transformers - Energo-Complex from Piekary Śląskie.

The consortium agreement is an extension of the existing cooperation agreement, which the University signed in 2007. Its effect was, among other things,the fact that the employees of the WPUT Faculty of Electrical Engineering began research work on the development of methods for diagnosis of deformations in power transformer windings.

The extension of the agreement will allow the university and Energo-Complex to jointly submit research and service offers to other companies and support each other in the execution of orders from industry. Joint organisation of scientific conferences will also be an important element providing a good opportunity to exchange experience between scientists and industry.

Rector of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Professor Jacek Wróbel, pointed out that cooperation with industry is an important strategic element of the university. "Due to the profile of our university, we are obliged to carry out scientific activity, but also to implement our research into industry and cooperate with economic entities," he emphasised.

In the rector's opinion, the extension of cooperation and new technologies that the university has may be useful for further development of the company from the Silesian Province.

Thanks to the previous agreement, numerous seminars, training courses and four international scientific and technical conferences were organised between 2017 and 2019. Using data obtained from operational measurements, WPUT employees wrote three doctoral and two habilitation dissertations. The proposals have been directly implemented in operational practice.

"Despite the different opinions prevailing in our country, cooperation between a university and industry is possible" - said the company's president, Marek Szrot, PhD. He emphasised that joint long-term and consistent actions lead to synergy that can provide an impetus for necessary changes in our power industry in the face of irreversible climate changes.

"Signing of the next agreement will be a great stimulus to further deepen the cooperation between the university and our company as its formula lays the foundations for the creation of a strong, important research and expert centre in Europe" - he added.

Energo-Complex, founded in 1998, deals with the construction of transformers as well as their physical and chemical processes. For years, it has been cooperating with Polish research centres, e.g. the West Pomeranian University of Technology and the Opole University of Technology, carrying out joint research and development projects which introduce many innovative technologies to the services offered by the company.