Interfaculty Units Building

Interfaculty Units Building Address: al. Piastów 48, 71-311 Szczecin

Facility manager: Katarzyna Gącik

The main entrance to the building is from Władysława Jagiełły Street.There is the bus stop "Plac Kościuszki” located 200 m away from the building and the tram stop "Narutowicza” located 300 m away from the building.

The main entrance to the building:

  • There are 3 stairs leading to the main entrance from the car park side. An alternative entrance leads through an open gate, behind which there is a barrier
  • The entrance door is accessed by stairs equipped with a railing on one side. There is a ramp on the side of the parking spaces for the disabled.
  • The door does not open automatically

Inside the building:

  • There are stairs equipped with railings on both sides, except for the fire emergency staircase and the basement staircase, which are equipped with railings on one side
  • There are 3 lifts serving all levels of the building (except for the basement, which is not intended for use by the students), not equipped with a railing or mirror
  • The lift doors are not wide enough, they are opened manually and have only light arrival signals
  • The lifts do not have voice announcements or a display informing about the floor number
  • There are no Braille buttons
  • The traffic routes are wide enough
  • A toilet adapted for the disabled is located on the ground floor

Parking spaces for the disabled and the manner of using them:

There are 3 car parks near the building with spaces designated for the disabled - in front of the main building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, at the back of the Interfaculty Units Building and in front of the main entrance to the Interfaculty Units Building

Access with an assistant dog

Sign language interpreter:           

There is no sign language interpreter or a possibility to use online sign language interpreter in the building.
A sign language interpreter should be requested 3 days in advance.