Main Library Building


Main Library Building Address: ul. Ku Słońcu 140, 71-073 Szczecin

Facility manager:

There is the tram stop "Szwoleżerów” located 200 m away from the building and the tram stop "Osiedle Akademickie” located 300 m way from the building.

The main entrance to the building:

  • On the access to the main entrance of the Library from Piastów Avenue, there are stairs and a ramp - not equipped with railings on both sides
  • Access to the second entrance from the car park side leads through two pairs of stairs equipped with single railings in the middle of the flights of stairs. An alternative is the side entrance next to the parking spaces
  • The doors do not open automatically

Inside the building:

  • There are stairs equipped with railings
  • There are changes of levels within one floor
  • There is a lift serving all levels of the facility, equipped with a railing and a mirror. The lift door opens and closes automatically and is equipped with sensors
  • The lift is equipped with light arrival signals and sound door opening signals
  • The lift is not equipped with voice announcements
  • The lift has Braille buttons
  • The internet reading room is equipped with devices for people with disabilities, including a keyboard and computer for visually impaired people
  • Toilets adapted for the disabled are located on the ground floor and the 1st floor

Parking spaces for the disabled and the manner of using them:

There are 2 parking spaces designated for the disabled near the building. In the second car park located along Piastów Avenue, there is one space designated for the disabled.

Access with an assistant dog

Sign language interpreter:           

There is no sign language interpreter or a possibility to use online sign language interpreter in the building.
A sign language interpreter should be requested 3 days in advance.