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Our researcher developed a new ice cream recipe. She replaced the milk with buttermilk 14.05.2021 10:50

Ph.D. Katarzyna Szkolnicka from the Department of Toxicology, Dairy Technology and Food Storage (Faculty of Food Science and Fisheries) has developed a new ice cream recipe. Thanks to the use of buttermilk, their volume and airiness will increase. The new technology will also affect the taste and quality of the frozen dessert.

The results of research on the innovative method of ice cream production have been published in the scientific journal Food Science and Nutrition. The co-authors of the technology are: prof. Izabela Dmytrów and prof. Anna Mituniewicz-Małek. It took three months to develop the concept.

In her scientific work, Ph.D. Szkolnicka deals with the use of by-products of the dairy industry, like whey obtained in the production of cheese and buttermilk obtained in the production of butter. These are raw materials with a valuable composition that, according to her, should not be considered waste.

Buttermilk has natural emulsifying properties allowing the production of natural ice cream without the use of artificial additives. The advantage of buttermilk ice cream is the high content of phospholipids and sphingolipids. These compounds have a positive effect on our body, they are necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system and support concentration and the learning process - explained Ph.D. Szkolnicka.

Buttermilk is a source of proteins with antioxidant properties.

We have achieved the improvement of the quality of ice cream with the help of polar lipids and proteins naturally occurring in buttermilk, thanks to which it has an emulsifying and stabilizing effect in ice cream desserts. The polar lipids of buttermilk include phospholipids and sphingolipids - explains Ph.D. Szkolnicka.

The concentration of these ingredients is five times higher than in milk. Phospholipids have cholesterol lowering and anti-inflammatory effects and positively impact the functions of the nervous system. In turn, the proteins found in buttermilk have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

According to Ph.D. Szkolnicka, buttermilk ice cream can delay the aging process, promote well-being and enhance intellectual abilities and beauty.

In addition, compared to traditional ice cream, they are characterized by higher nutritional value with lower calorific value. In addition to positive effect on the nutritional value, buttermilk improves the texture of ice cream, which makes it possible to exclude the addition of chemical emulsifiers, says Szkolnicka.

In our experiment, we managed to obtain the appropriate airiness at the level of 50%. without the use of emulsifiers and stabilizers. Buttermilk ice cream is airy and is an excellent, light dessert - says Ph.D. Szkolnicka.

Why could this research prove ground-breaking?

Ice cream production consists in freezing the ice cream mixture while simultaneously forcing a large amount of air into it. This makes the ice cream airy and can be eaten with a spoon.

Without the aeration process, after freezing the mixture, we would get a hard lump in which we would not stick a spoon. Producers often exaggerate the airiness of ice cream desserts. The use of artificial emulsifiers and stabilizers means that large amounts of air can be pumped into ice cream, even over 80% causing that the consumer mainly pays for air. Buttermilk ice cream can change this, says Ph.D. Szkolnicka.

We can see for ourselves how much air is in the ice cream. It is enough to let them melt and check how much their volume has decreased.