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Nanoillumination 11.06.2019 12:12

The WPUT Nanotechnology Didactic and Research Centre is a new building located at Al. Piastów 45.

The original architecture of the building not only proves the modernity of the body itself, which was appreciated in the national architectural competition in 2016, but also refers to the nature of scientific research conducted in the centre. A careful passer-by will be able to notice that the glass façade hides the letter "N" referring to nanotechnology. With the illumination to be launched on 14 June 2019 at 10 p.m. the building will present itself even more beautifully in the architectural space of the WPUT central campus (the centre is located in the vicinity of the Rector's Office and several WPUT faculties).You are invited to participate in this "illumination" event.