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Project of Architecture students noticed in international competitions 07.09.2020 15:10

Stanisław Czujkowski and Korneliusz Wielechowski created the "Cotton Theatre" project and were nominated in the INSPIRELI AWARDS and INSPIRELI COMPETITION. The finalists will be announced at the beginning of October this year.

The inspiration for the creation of the project were deeply rooted in culture and industry of the region cotton plants. The building reminds of a cotton flower, with the roof made out of membrane with a rounded shape inserted in a metal frame in gold colour, which is also inspired by the Burkina Faso culture, as it’s a big part of country’s economy, hang on triangular arches which remind of cotton flowers shell.

The project was carried out under the supervision of prof. Krzysztof Bizio as part of the "Specialized Design" course, which is conducted at the Department of Contemporary Architecture, Design Theory and Methodology in the second semester of MA studies.

INSPIRELI AWARDS is the world's largest global student contest in Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape, and Interior Design. The competition is organized in the Czech Republic with the participation of employees of the Faculty of Architecture of the Prague University of Technology and the American Institute of Architects. This year, over 1,300 projects from around the world were submitted to the award in three categories - Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape, and Interior Design. WPUT students found themselves in the final among 75 qualified projects from 38 countries.

INSPIRELI COMPETITION is an annual competition. This year, the competition task was to create a project to design an amphitheater in Burkina Faso (West Africa). 146 projects from 43 countries were submitted for the competition. The winning concept will be selected from 24 final projects. It will be the foundation for a project that will be implemented by a professional team of architects.