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The most talented students in the country selected. Among them, a student from WPUT in Szczecin. 29.10.2019 13:56

Hanna Gałuszka, a student of automatic control and robotics from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Technology in Szczecin, found herself in the elite group of the 25 most talented students of computer science and related fields. Intel Technology in cooperation with the Perspektywy Educational Foundation for the 5th time awarded prestigious scholarships in the "New Technologies for Girls 2018" program.

Over the next year, scholarship holders will receive financial and substantive support. They will be under the care of an experienced Intel mentor. They will receive a scholarship of 12,000. PLN gross, which will cover part of the studies expenses.

During the summer holidays, they will be invited to an internship in Gdańsk, where Intel's largest R&D centre in Europe is located or to the company's American headquarters.

 This is a big success because there were over 24 candidates from all over Poland! It is a huge distinction that a student from our faculty found itself in such an honourable group - emphasized the dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Professor Krzysztof Okarma.

The ceremony took place at the Intel Research Centre in Gdańsk was attended, among others by Katarzyna Cichocka, program coordinator on behalf of Intel and Michał Dżoga, director of Corporate & Government Affairs Intel in Europe. The invited guests emphasized the importance of supporting women and creating jobs for them. Representatives of universities were also in attendance and such distinction for their students is an undoubted satisfaction. The West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin was represented by dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Professor Krzysztof Okarma.

"New technologies for girls" is a pioneering scholarship program for young women linking their future with the IT industry. The aim of the program is to provide talented high school graduates and students in planning and building a professional career in technology industry or in science

Utilizing the great potential of women in the key area of ​​new technologies for civilization is a necessary condition for its development. In both Poland and the world, the IT industry is characterized by a low employment rate for women. There are only from a few to several percent. It is worth recalling that Ada Lovelace (daughter of George Byron) is considered the first programmer in history, who created the first published algorithm with the intention of typing it.

 In Poland, only 14% of IT students are women. There are even fewer in technology corporations. The shortage of specialists in the field of new technologies is already estimated in Poland at 50,000, and in Europe by 2020 - at 1 million. The first three editions of the scholarship program have shown that there is no shortage of young women gifted in the field of new technologies and determined to achieve success in it.