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Our three researchers in the world ranking 15.04.2022 14:31

Three scientists from the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin are on the ranking lists developed by the - an academic platform for professors and researchers. lists the names of scientists from around the world with the highest number of citations. Among them were: prof. Antoni Waldemar Morawski, prof. Andrzej Błędzki and Dr. Xuecheng Chen. every year publishes the ranking lists of the best scientists grouped by 19 disciplines.

Among the leading scientists in the world in the field of chemistry on the 4220th position is prof. Antoni Waldemar Morawski and on the 9th among Chemistry Scientist in Poland. Prof. Morawski works at the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering. His primary areas of study are Photocatalysis, Titanium dioxide, Chemical engineering, Inorganic chemistry, and Carbon. He is the author or co-author of 420 publications in international and national journals. In the published list, his Hirsch index is 63, and the number of citations is over 11,000.

Prof. Andrzej Błędzki is a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics. He mainly investigates Composite material, Ultimate tensile strength, Natural fiber, Flexural strength and Fiber. Prof. Błędzki is the author or co-author of 160 publications. According to the authors of the ranking, his Hirsch index is 49, and the number of citations is over 19,000.

Prof. Xuecheng Chen was ranked 6,857th in the world and 16th in Poland. Prof. Xuecheng Chen works at t the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering. He mainly investigates Carbonization, Carbon, Carbon nanotube, Graphene and Organic chemistry. He has published 185 works. His Hirsch index is 47, and the number of citations is over 7,000.

The listings of the portal are based on the analysis of the scientific achievements of researchers in Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph. These are the best known and well-established bibliometric databases available to the scientific community. More information you can find here.