Department of Physical Education and Sport Building

Building of the Department of Physical Education and Sport (sports hall) Address: ul Tenisowa 33, 71-066 Szczecin

Facility manager: Joanna Trubiłko

There is the tram stop "Osiedle Akademickie” located 750 m away from the building and the tram stop a "Cmentarz Centralny” located 800 m away from the building. The access to the building is uneven and there is no pavement on a part of Tenisowa Street.

The main entrance to the building:

  • The main entrance is located on the side of the entryway to the University area
  • The entrance is accessed by stairs consisting of 3 steps equipped with railings, next to which there is a ramp equipped with railings on both sides.
  • There are 2 additional flights of stairs near the entrance. The one next to the ramp is equipped with a railing. The second one along the building leads to the pitch.
  • The door does not open automatically

Inside the building:

  • There are stairs equipped with railings on one side
  • There are no alternative routes to stairs. There is no lift, stairlift or ramp
  • The traffic routes are wide enough
  • Toilets adapted for the disabled are located on the ground floor

Parking spaces for the disabled and the manner of using them:

There are no parking spaces designated for the disabled.

Access with an assistant dog

Sign language interpreter:           

There is no sign language interpreter or a possibility to use online sign language interpreter in the building.
A sign language interpreter should be requested 3 days in advance.