Grants from the National Science Centre for WPUT 05.12.2019 14:13

Professor Mirosława El Fray, Professor Sylwia Mozia and Professor Urszula Narkiewicz from the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering WPUT, received almost PLN 4.5 million for the implementation of their research projects. The ranking lists of the OPUS 17 and PRELUDIUM 17 contest included over half a thousand projects worth PLN 390.3 million.

A total of 3,145 project were submitted in the competition, which amounted to almost PLN 2.14 billion. NCN experts qualified for financing exactly 520 projects worth PLN 390 268 309 for financing. On average, 16.5% of submitted applications received funding.

Professor Mirosława El Fray received PLN 1,522,052 for conducting research on hybrid and elastomeric polymer networks: synthesis, structure and properties. Professor Urszula Narkiewicz, within the allocated funds - PLN 859 900 - will examine the properties of composites based on metal compounds deposited on microporous carbon materials obtained by carbonizing phenolic resins. Whereas Professor Sylwia Mozia, who received PLN 1,981,820, will implement a research project on photocatalytic membrane reactors with immersion membranes for wastewater treatment.

NCN grants enable scientists to receive funds for remuneration of the research team, purchase or manufacturing of research equipment, devices and software, purchase of materials and small equipment, external services, business trips, visits, consultations, gratifications for collective contractors (direct costs).

The evaluation of proposals in NCN is carried out by experts selected from eminent Polish and foreign researchers with at least a doctoral degree. The evaluation process is divided into two stages: qualification and specialist evaluation. Each stage consists of at least two individual assessments for each application and a meeting of an expert team during which the assessments and ranking lists are discussed.

Under OPUS 17 and PRELUDIUM 17, a majority of proposals have been submitted by universities (274), natural persons (111) and research institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences (80). Winning grants will be implemented in 109 organizations throughout Poland.