Office 365 ProPlus Package

The University Information Technology Centre kindly informs that WPUT has purchased a one-year subscription under which each employee and student receives 5 licenses for the MS Office package for installation on business and home computers, tablets and mobiles.

To install the software you must log into the website. Enter as the username, where the login is the one you use to access the network services in the UCN (such as e-mail account or Virtual Dean's Office).  The password is the same as for WPUT. After logging in, click "Install Office package". This action will launch the program, which will download the package and start the installation.  If you are using the 64-bit version of the operating system, you may receive a message that the installation is not possible.   The "Install 64-bit version" field will then appear on the screen. In this case, click it.  If you are not authorized to install the software on your company computer, please contact the appropriate administrator. When using the package at home, make sure unauthorized persons do not have access to university files (e.g. through OneDrive service).   

Moreover, we would like to inform you that, apart from access to the Office package, our community has gained the possibility of using many on-line services available through the website In particular, academic teachers have been given the opportunity to use tools supporting the teaching process.  There are also services that significantly improve cooperation within teams.  Electronic mail available on the website has not been configured yet.  Currently, its tests are in progress - so please do not use it for the time being. 

We strongly encourage you to get acquainted with this offer - descriptions of the services and video training are available on the website.

NOTE: Installation of the package is also possible in computer rooms using the traditional method.  For the installation package and activation key, please contact Mr Marian Ławrynowicz e-mail: