Information for WPUT students and employees who have returned from regions threatened by the coronavirus 12.03.2020 13:48

Based on Act of 20 July 2018, Article 23, Section 1 on The Law on Higher Education and Science, in line with recommendations issued by the Main Sanitary Inspectorate of Poland and World Health Organization, WPUT stops all international departures and arrivals of students, doctoral students and employees to and from countries named by the Main Sanitary Inspector.

Employees, students and doctoral students of WPUT in Szczecin who return from countries where epidemiological emergency has been declared (an updated list is available at the website of the Main Sanitary Inspectorate) are required to stay at home for consecutive two weeks, where they can control their health condition and continue their education or work. Their absence at work or in the classroom will be excused. These measures have been taken to stop the spread of the virus.

All necessary information will be available at WPUT homepage.