WPUT defeated Warsaw University of Technology in a construction challenge 02.04.2020 16:09

A team of four from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture WPUT are the finals of the international challenge "The Trail" organized by Vinci Construction - the largest construction company in the world. In the semi-final, WPUT beat two teams from the Warsaw University of Technology and qualified for the final, which will take place on May 28 in France. Due to the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, the final will be conducted remotely.

Teams of technical university students could submit projects in one of three areas: sustainable construction & resilience and cities above and under cities.

Students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture WPUT designed a hybrid Earthship - a modified version of the self-sufficient building. In the project, they combined building techniques and technologies previously used in various areas of construction and environmental engineering. In their project, they proposed that they produce all the necessary heat and electricity themselves, using innovative solutions based on renewable energy sources.

Use of the building will be associated with the sewage formation that we divided into three sources, each for different purposes. From some we will recover heat, others will be filtered and returned home, and others will be used to water our vegetable garden - said Shilpa Das, a student from India studying in Szczecin.

The project of WPUT students is an unusual Earthship - a self-sufficient dugout made of tires. A modern hybrid frame construction with prefabricated external walls and highly advanced installation solutions allows you to control and manage the entire house. It is a fully environmentally friendly building. A reference to the basic idea of ​​Earthship is the assumption that min. 70% of the building materials will come from recycling raw materials.

In the grand finale, the team from WPUT will fight with teams from around the world for a unique prize. The best students will visit the largest construction sites in the world and undergo internships at Vinci Construction companies in their country and will have a chance of employment.