Mentoring program

Their main goal of the Program implementtion is to support students to prepare an Individual Research Plan and to provide the knowledge on research careers development.


Scientific mentors for PhD candidates




Faculty of Architecture

Piotr Arlet

Faculty of Biotechnology and Animal Husbandry

Karol Fijałkowski

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Tomasz Wróblewski

Faculty of Economics

Irena Łącka

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Tomasz Chady

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Tomasz Hyla

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

undergoing change


Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture

undergoing change


Faculty of Food Science and Fisheries

undergoing change


Faculty of Maritime Technology and Transport

Piotr Nikończuk

Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering

Agata Markowska-Szczupak

Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering

Elwira Wróblewska

Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering

Rafał Rakoczy


Mentoring program for PhD candidates at ZUT (format:  pdf, rozmiar:  217 kB)

Mentroring card (format:  docx, rozmiar:  116 kB)