Career planning for research staff

The Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer, ZUT invites young scientists (PhD candidates and PhDs until 5 years after PhD obtaining) to individual meetings on strategic career planning. This is a new, free service of RCIiTT, which is supposed to foster/support the scientific development of researchers in ZUT.

Why you should use our support?

  • With us you will define your career goals,
  • You will receive information about steps to take to achieve your goal in the best possible way,
  • We will support you in creating your own career plan,
  • You will define your resources and weaknesses in a scientific career,
  • You will define and prioritise your specific area of scientific development,
  • Your goals will be achieved much faster. You will receive a list of fellowships and grant opportunities, national and international, adapted to your career stage plus opportunities which you can use in the future,
  • Timetable of selected fellowship offers - Gantt chart. It will make easier to keep track of your career progress, 
  • Personal supervision - our advisor will inform you about new possibilities and deadlines for selected fellowship offers.

To succeed in scientific development, scientific careers require new challenges and strategic planning. From the beginning young researchers should make conscious decisions, set goals and pursue so they achieve scientific excellence. Today you can navigate your future. In the rush of fellowship opportunities and many sources of research funding, you are not always able to find them and use them properly. Therefore, we want to support you in the pursuit of your scientific excellence. We will show you and guide you on the path of an active and conscious scientific career.

Our new service consists of at least two meetings, which will take approx 1.5 - 2 hours. If you are interested and would like further details or you would like to make an appointment for an individual meeting, please contact  Edyta Pazura-Umecka, e-mail:, +48 91 449 41 53.