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Courses of studies

Ocean Technology; Transport; Safety Engineering; Yacht Building; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


Postgraduate studies

Designing yachts and sport boats; Traffic engineering; Car safety and expert opinions


Main research directions

  1. Numerical methods of construction strength analysis 
  2. Research into and development of construction methods of construction and repairs related to water transport
  3. Research and development of design methods related to water transport, hydromechanics of ships and forecasting their sea-going, resistance and propulsion features 
  4. Research and development of unconventional propulsion energy sources of various means of transport
  5. Research and development of methods for  technical protection design system of land and water  transport and their safety testing 
  6. Research and development of methods for designing and testing of ships and port transshipment and transport systems
  7. Research and development of design methods for transport systems, logistics processes and economic analysis of these systems
  8. Research and development of design methods and technical tests of stationary and mobile refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment 
  9. Research into the  acoustics in shipbuilding and in offshore facilities


Cooperation with industry and business:

  • construction strength analysis
  • fire-proofness tests of materials
  • unconventional energy sources
  • designing of refrigeration and air conditioning systems; expert opinions in this area
  • designing of transport systems and logistics processes


Offer to foreigners

Partial studies within  ERASMUS +; student internships ERASMUS + and associations IAESTE; student research fellowships