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Courses of studies

Power Engineering; Transport; Mechatronics, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering; Management and Production  Engineering


Postgraduate studies

Welding supervision by European standards; Computer designing of injection molds and products; Manager and auditor of quality management system; Polymers processing; Polymers Recycling


Doctoral studies in scientific fields

Machine construction and operation  and Materials engineering


Main research directions

  1. Modeling static and dynamic properties of machines and elimination of vibration and increasing their accuracy
  2. Computer-aided design, construction and technology
  3. Intensification of machining and forming technological processes 
  4. Machining flexible automation and computer integration
  5. Manufacturing machines and  new interactive control 
  6. Tribology and modeling of contact phenomena  in structural connections
  7. Research into multi-jackbolt connections; modeling and calculation of unsteady fluid flow
  8. Model and operating research into spark ignition and compression ignition engines
  9. Analysis of combustion processes of conventional and alternative fuels
  10. Increasing the efficiency of power generation equipment; acquisition and use of renewable sources of energy, geothermal and solar energy included
  11. Heat and mass exchange  in hyperbaric environment; modeling and research into subcritical  and supercritical assemblies, ORC
  12. Structure and physical properties of multiphase polymer systems
  13. Polymer biocomposites
  14. Polymer materials from renewable sources
  15. Nanocomposite polymers with carbon nanotubes, graphenes and magnetic nanoparticles
  16. Physico-chemical properties of biologically and technically important compounds  and  phenomena of polarization relaxation in ferroelectric crystals
  17. Epoxy plastics used as foundations for under machines and equipment 
  18. Recycling; increase in functional features of machines and equipment elements by modifying their microstructure
  19. New welding technologies
  20. Modern technologies of surface engineering, Al-Si coatings and coatings for medical applications included 
  21. Developing new materials and research into electrical, magnetic, optical, and thermal properties of technically and biologically important compounds
  22. Modeling of spectroscopic properties of transition metal ions in selected materials.


Cooperation with industry and  business


The scope of cooperation includes:


  • assessment, development and implementation of new material technologies and innovative energy technologies
  • research and development in the field of welding, improvement of production processes included
  • acquisition and use of renewable energy sources, operating and assessing RES installations
  • classification research into  metallurgical products and welded joints, materials for foundation cushions under machines and equipment
  • technological and strength research into construction materials, machine and construction elements
  • expert opinions on reasons for destruction of machines and construction elements  and  technical condition of machines
  • operating and model analyses of engine operating parameters
  • assessment of the total emissions from the operation of various means of transport
  • use, operation, and evaluation of usable energy acquired from various renewable energy installations
  • assessment of applied technologies and development of innovative technologies to be used in the thermal power industry
  • design and analysis of machines with the use of innovative mechatronic solutions
  • development of intelligent control and supervision systems
  • modal analysis of typical mechanical constructions and MEMS, 3D measurements, research on geometric accuracy of machine tools, surface parameters, modal analysis.


Offer to foreigners

Students exchange within the Erasmus Programme; Learning foreign languages ​​includes roughly 50 courses