49 Żołnierska Street, 71-210 Szczecin

Tel .: + 48 91 449 56 70

e-mail: dziekanat.wi@zut.edu.pl




Courses of studies

Computer Science and Information Technology; Digital Engineering


Postgraduate studies

Analysis and fusion of spatial data; Printing and digital media; Computer programming


Doctoral studies in scientific fields

Information Technology


Main research directions

  1. Synthesis of a high level hardware and software systems
  2. Methods of computer wire and wireless network designing 
  3. Optimization of processing and data representation algorithms in modern transmission methods and techniques 
  4.  Concurrent design of information technology systems with mechanical and electronic elements using hardware reprogrammability and reconfigurability  (FPGA)
  5. Development of principles, methods and algorithms to create compilers of VHDL language subset for logic synthesis and their implementation
  6. Development of methods and algorithms of parallel machines and distributed system compilers for efficient  parallelization of sequencers 
  7. Research into the specification language of access control policies in distributed network systems and systems of secure e-signatures in a distributed environment
  8. Information systems and business organizations
  9. Intangible production 
  10. Internet Technologies
  11. Digital media
  12. Development of new methods of artificial intelligence
  13. Research into knowledge extraction from databases
  14. Machine learning
  15. Automatic thinking
  16. Fuzzy logic and verbal base of knowledge
  17. Modeling and computer simulation of physical, technical, economic and technological processes
  18. Dynamic object control, intelligent control included
  19. Management broadly understood, supported by information technology and computer tools 
  20. Research with advanced simulation methods, data mining, classification of optimization concepts to assist investment decisions, financial analyses, information project management and e-business
  21. Synthesis and analysis of digital images (Ray-tracing, Image Based Rendering, HDR images methods)
  22. Biometric technologies
  23. Medical information technology and imaging processing used in medicine,
  24. Human-computer communications (intelligent agents, natural language analysis)
  25. Geoinformatics (spatial information systems, numerical area  models)


Cooperation with industry and business

The Faculty of Information Technology  is a dynamic entity which conducts the innovative research and spreads the ideas of the Bologna process. Research, noticeable not only in Poland, is conducted by the Faculty in the field of  biometrics, image recognition and  processing, the use of modern methods to protect and monitor facilities. As one of three academic centers in Poland, the Faculty conducts its printing specialty, and as the only one in the country is engaged in computer printing, colorimetry  and color management issues, in the process of archiving data included. All research carried out at the Faculty is based on a close cooperation with the Faculty environment (companies, the army, institutions of culture) and is an answer to the needs generated by this environment.

As a result of cooperation with IT companies operating in Szczecin, the Faculty founded a completely new faculty of engineering digitization, unique in Poland.

Since 2011 the Council for the Competence of the Faculty of Information Technology Graduates has been active at the Faculty, associating companies from the IT industry. The Council's role is to build a lasting cooperation between companies and institutions connected with the IT industry, which allows good preparedness of graduates to enter the labour market, and creates better conditions for employers to recruit their human resources.

The Faculty of Information Technology  cooperates on global and local levels. Technological partners, among other firms, are IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Tieto and Unizeto. In the field of education, the Faculty works with Samsung, Huawei, Microsoft, Novell. It is the only faculty  in Poland that has a Center for HP Education and Research.


Offer to foreigners

The Faculty is focused on students who excel in their course at university. The student treated as a partner plays a very important role in the life of the Faculty, but also in the teaching process. The Faculty encourages students to undertake scientific challenges, allows their  access to modern technologies, inspires them to act for the environment, even prepares them for the role of employers, not only employees.

The Faculty runs selected classes in English. For further information contact the Erasmus + coordinator Dr. Eng. Remigiusz Olejnik (rolejnik@zut.edu.pl).