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Another LEADER at the Polymer Institute 25.09.2017 14:25

The National Centre for Research and Development announced the results of the next eighth edition of LEADER Programme.

Among the winning projects ( 183 applications were submitted to the competition in general ) was the proposal of Szymon Kugler, PhD in Polymer Materials Technology Department of Polymer Institute "Protective powder coatings from competitively priced raw materials of biological origin: synthesis of components, composition and evaluation of coating properties on steel substrates". Out of the 66 highest rated projects and qualified for the next stage, 34 have received funding for research and management of their own research team. Szymon Kugler's application was ranked 12th.

Success of Szymon Kugler, M.Sc., Eng. is the third such achievement for young, ambitious scientists at the Polymer Institute. In the third edition of the competition, Krzysztof Kowalczyk, PhD, Eng. and in the sixth –Agnieszka Piegat, PhD, Eng.

Mr Szymon Kugler, we congratulate on your success!