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GlobalLogic Automotive LAB at the Faculty of Computer Science 28.11.2018 08:57

"We always keep our word," said Piotr Krzysztofik, president of GlobalLogic Poland on November 20, 2018, during the grand opening of the GlobalLogic Automotive LAB laboratory. This laboratory is the result of the execution of the declarations expressed in the letter of intent signed in 24 April 2018 during the conference "IT in Automotive" by GlobalLogic and West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin in the presence of Michał Przepiera, Deputy Mayor of Szczecin.

The ribbon cutting performed by Professor Stefan Domek, Vice-Rector for Organization and Development of WPUT, Professor Jerzy Pejaś, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Przemysław Kołaczyński, GlobalLogic Poland, Michał Przepiera, Deputy Mayor of Szczecin, and Adrian Makowiak Computer Science student.

The GlobalLogic Automotive LAB lis equipped with six sets of workshops, on which twelve students can perform laboratory tasks simultaneously. These sets will allow students to gain practical knowledge and skills in the field of Automotive IT equipment and software.

The final shape of the laboratory is the result of very good cooperation with GlobalLogic employees, in particular with Przemysław Kołaczyński. The Faculty of Computer Science is interested in further development of the laboratory. A similar intention is also expressed by GlobalLogic Poland. Declaration of support gave also Michał Przepiera and Professor Stefan Domek.

We hope that the GlobalLogic Automotive LAB will be vibrant and will be matched to the changing educational as well as research and development needs.